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By fsoffietti

ChatGPT: What now?


9th May, 2024

 growtika f0JGorLOkw0 unsplash


On the 9th of May 2024 Luc Steels (VIU) will offer a talk at ISI Foundation (Turin, Italy).

Generative AI (instantiated by ChatGPT, Dall-E, Claude, Copilot, Soundraw, etc.) has recently taken the world by storm, creating a wave of expectations and causing generative AI to be seen as the most transformative disruptive technology of today. Although the power and utility of the deep learning/transformer methodology underlying generative AI is undeniable, there are also several by now well known serious issues. One of the most important ones is the tendency of generative AI to come up with facts that are untrue or devoid of common sense.  Luc Steels will reflect on what are the research avenues we could explore to overcome these issues.

You can find the full abstract on ISI page.






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