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Within the framework of "Aqua Granda, a digital community memory" initiative, launched in November 2020 by the EU H2020 ODYCCEUS project and Science Gallery Venice, among the main outputs is a book, available in open access at the following link:

The book contains background on the historical roots of digital community memories and on today’s role of social media and describes the meteorological phenomena that give rise to big floods in Venice and their impact on the architecture of the city. It details how a digital community memory has been set up about the Aqua Granda floods in Venice and documents the exhibition Navigating Aqua Granda, a digital community memory in which a number of scientists and artists show how they have explored this digital community memory to help creIate memorials for these devastating events.

MUHAI was cooperating partner in the organization of the workshop "Archives and AI: Coping with Climate Change", event held in occasion of the launch of the exhibition entitled "Navigating Aqua Granda, a digital community memory".

AquaGranda is also virtual exhibition app for iOS and Android  

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